Art Corner Rules and Guidelines

Felt a bit creative and want to share your creations? Throw it in here!

Postby IvyKirax » Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:00 am

Please be mindful of the overall forum rules found HERE.

Art Corner Rules and Guidelines

1) Like in the rest of the forum, avoid the use of explicit content, and any profanity. Explicit content consists of: moaning, groping/feeling each other up, undressing, and anything further. Basically, don't go farther than kissing and hugging.

2) If anyone wishes to post notices about openings for art commissions, they're free to make a post but please, don't spam in multiple posts about the same thing, and please keep example images tasteful.

3) We allow multiple forms of art to be displayed either as digital/traditional art, music, flash games or even just screenshots of in world. Images and flash files hosted on other sites can be displayed here in BBCode

4) No Real Life Photos of yourself, your possessions (Unless its physical art you created), or posting of RL information anywhere on the forum. SL and the forums are not real life.


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