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Postby LizzyTorvanel » Sat Jul 23, 2016 8:39 am

Hi all!

So, I'm relatively new to the sim, but I LOVE what I see, and I've become obsessed. I keep coming up with ideas as I catch Pokemon, though, so I thought I would post them here! I've seen hints that they may already be in the works - in which case, I just want the staff to know how excited and grateful I am for their hard work! <3

Starter Pokemon, Gyms, Training and Combat:

One of my favorite part of the original game was being able to take a relatively weak starter and train it into something powerful, and then catch powerful Pokemon with that first one's help. The ultimate feeling of satisfaction for me was beating a Gym Master! I would love to see all this on the sim, and I think it would greatly enhance RP, as well as help players feel accomplished with their catches.

Don't get me wrong, when I caught my first Mew, I was feeling pre-tty smug with myself. But can you imagine how it would feel to have beat Mew in combat and caught it? Now that would be amazing. I'm no scripter, so I can't say how possible or easy this would be. I have seen pets battle before, such as the Fennux, so I do have some hope that we may see this feature. :D

That would of course carry on into Gyms. Having stumbled into a couple of Gyms by mistake, I do have a feeling I may just be voicing something that is already in the works. In which case, a huge THANK YOU!

Events for Legendary Pokemon:

I know I am probably shooting myself in the foot here, seeing as my two favorite Pokemon to catch are Mew and Mewtwo, but I'd like to see them as a prize for an event, rather than just wandering around in the sim. I like a challenge in my games - And I think something as cool and rare as those two are deserving of a challenge. Most people I have a feeling will hate this idea, though. x3

Bring the Special Mews Back?

Just tonight I met a very kind Trainer who showed me his Mew collection, which were part of a star collecting side-game, from what I could tell. There was a Dark Mew, a Crystal-looking Mew and a Water-themed Mew, just to name a few. Now, all of my friends will tell you that saying I am obsessed with Mew is an understatement. I wanted desperately to be able to get my own, and was sad to hear that they were no longer available. I would DEARLY love to be able to own my very own pack of Mews one way or another, so bringing them back would be something wonderful, I think. :)

Shadow Mewtwo? :D

So, I also love Mewtwo. Recently I stumbled upon pctures of the Shadow Mewtwo, and fell head over heels with his colors. He wasn't too different from the models already on sim, just with that little spike thing on his shoulder. The shiny gold tail looked super awesome, too. I wouldn't mind snagging him on the sim. ;D

Four-Legged Ninetales:

The Ninetails we can get now are super awesome, especially the shiny ones. However, I would love to just have your run-of-the-mill Ninetales that walks by my side like a dog. x3
I know there are many Pokemon in the works, though, so I'm willing to bet that this is already in the works. ^_^

Pokemon Eggs!

How exciting would it be to find an egg, hatch it and get a random Pokemon? Just like Christmas!!


I'd love to give my favorite Pokemon names, but alas, they are no mod. If a naming option could be added, that would be so cool! Then the Charmander that I've always named Ember in the games could exist on the sim, too. :D

More Housing?

I've heard tale told of a sim rework, and I can't wait! I was wondering if perhaps some more housing could be added. I've been wanting to rent my own little escape house on sim, and I'm on a notify list. I think it would be cool to see more housing, though. ^_^

..And I found a tiny glitch with Mew and Shiny Mew!

So, after I caught my Mew, I was eyeballing it pretty hard, all proud with myself. And then I noticed a little something on her feet.

Were those eyeballs?
Why yes, they were. My Mew can see me , even when it's flying over me with her eyes turned to the clouds! Kinda' weird, huh?

I've noticed the RavenMew doesn't have that, but then again, she's an entirely different model. It's not a huge deal, I still love her. Just thought I'd let you guys know. ^_^

Let me know what everyone thinks!! Can't wait to hear back from everyone. :D
~ Chernobog666/Lizzy Torvanel


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Postby IvyKirax » Sat Jul 23, 2016 2:28 pm

Well hi there :P that's a lot of suggestions! perhaps I can help with responding to some of these. keep in mind, I'm not the scripter, I just help out Mindy and Casio with ideas and building.

Starter Pokemon, Gyms, Training and Combat:

While we would love to be as close to the original game as possible, SL simply isn't built for it, plus we gotta respect the copyright of game mechanics too. However we have drawn inspiration from things like fennux. What we have currently will probably be simplified to something like a game of "rock, paper, scissors" in a way both against other people and npc pokemon/trainers. Though this may be more like an attack, a defend, and a swap pokemon option, while the pokemon also have their elemental strengths, weaknesses, and neutrals playing a factor in this mechanic. This kind of mechanic makes it easier on new people, and is quite achievable by SL standards (We only have one scripter after all :P and she does a lot of work as is with all the scripting)

Mew, Mewtwo and any of the legendaries currently available we've always treated equally to other ranks of pets unlike the game where it's very exclusive, originally there used to be a more exclusive "rare" timer when they'd spawn, but since then it's only certain locations at certain times of day. It's easier on Mindy to organize pets this way compared to what we had before, and it doesn't make waiting for that dream pokemon a grind of several weeks standing around.

As for Gyms... there is and isn't official gyms currently. Roleplay wise we had tried to make official roleplays, and even let visitors conduct their own roleplay, but no one has the time for long term RP commitment. So we don't actively pursue roleplay intentions, but the gyms are there to explore for the most part, and the associated groups are left there for RP tag titles. This may change though if we introduce scripted NPC's to battle

Events for Legendary Pokemon/Bring the Special Mews Back?/Shadow Mewtwo?

You're probably very new on sim and haven't experienced what we do with special pokemon like them, but that's ok =) See for the past few years we've done up holidays for Easter, Halloween and Christmas. The events run throughout all of April, October and December. For Easter there is obviously easter pokemon. For Halloween there is Candy Corn, Witchy, and Heartless, but this year I'm pushing to get out some new themes for halloween as a refresh. And for Christmas there is Christmas and Icy themes.

With the pokemon you mentioned, Crystal Spirit Mew, Water Spirit Mew, Stone Spirit Mew are all a part of the easter event as they were associated with some activities we tested out. They will always be available during easter.
With Shadow Mewtwo you probably mean Candy Corn Mewtwo, which is black and yellow. Same again Candy Corn Mewtwo is available during the halloween event.

Four-Legged Ninetales:

Sorry but we don't take requests. Yes we do plan to some how get a regular ninetales on sim but keep in mind, while I make things for the sim like pets I'm the only active person currently which is slowly becoming inactive due to a severely busy schedule with SL and RL, otherwise the only way there's new pokemon is if the community makes and donates it. I have been trying to get interested people trained in editing models to be used as pets, but again, time, patience, and not many interested unfortunately.

Pokemon Eggs!

We do actually have an old egg system, but like mentioned on the last point, none of us had time to work on that. Even then, the babies given are more Anthro roleplay scripted pokebabies than regular pokemon.


There is actually a naming system in a lot of the newer pokemon. If they have an "upgrade" script in them, then I think just type /help to get the options for the titler, namer and chatter on the pokemon. This may change if we need to rescript the pets however.

More Housing?

we've already got a lot of housing on sim, and we can't cater for any more unless we take up all the sim prims. The spare is needed for things like pets rezzing, events, activities and any sim changes that need to occur. It's always been a case of first come first serve for renters. Best thing you can do is just go up to a rental meter, click it, then click notify me for when it becomes available.

..And I found a tiny glitch with Mew and Shiny Mew!

Yeah we've been aware since the start. The model is old and wasn't UV mapped properly before upload, it's a minor glitch.


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